Fees & Interest Rates

What are our interest rates and fees?

Interest Rates
The interest rate for your loan will be from 9.95% depending on the details of the loan itself and your financial circumstances.

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Establishment Fees
This is a fee for receiving and processing the loan applications together with acceptance and establishment of the loan and is added to the loan contract when the loan is established.

Administration Fees
There are fees involved with the administration and reporting of your account which are added to the balance of your loan where applicable.

Settlement Fees
Should you wish to repay your loan in part or in full before the end of its term there may be charges involved to process your request.

Default Fees
If your loan payments fall behind during the term of the loan, charges will be added depending on the actions required by us to have the situation rectified.  If you default on your loan payments at any stage during the term of the loan additional interest rate of 5% above the applicable interest rate on your loan will apply.

Restructure and Amendment Fees
If at any stage during the term of your loan you need to refinance or change the security noted on your loan, there will be a fee added to your loan to cover these changes.

Search & Lodgement Fees
We are charged fees for checks during the evaluation of your loan application and while establishing the loan - these are added to your account when the loan is established.